WEP Tells Fashion Industry To Stop Their Demand For “Too Thin” Models

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The Women’s Equality party (WEP) is determined to launch a new campaign to change the stereotypical fashion model body type in the industry.

The party’s new campaign to set premiere from September 16th to the 20th to coordinate with London’s fashion week. The WEP’s campaign wants to end the industry’s demand for models to fit into unrealistic small sample sizes and for models to have a very small body mass index (BMI) to participate in a fashion show.

The WEP leader, Sophie Walker, plans to ask Sadiq Khan, London’s mayor, to refuse to fund next year’s fashion week if the campaigns demands aren’t met by the next year’s fashion week event. Walker also plans to speak to Maria Miller, who is the Chair of the Woman and Equalities Commission, and to also hold a public hearing to discuss with fashion designers why they want their clothes to represent an unattainable image of thinness to woman all around the world.

Walker believes with a passion that this unrealistic “image” is the reason why woman now are so self-conscious of their body weight than ever before and that these images of unrealistic thinness is also causing a major public health crisis. She claims that woman are plagued by more bouts of depression because of this demand to be thin, but they are also abusing drugs, alcohol, etc. to obtain a low weight.

WEP’s campaign also calls for models who have a lower BMI mass for 18.5 to be immediately seen by a doctor to determine if they are healthy enough to be employed by a modeling agency. Europe is not the only country who has similar legislation passed in the world, but there have been initiatives in Italy, Spain, Israel, and France to stop the industry’s obsession for fashion models to obtain a dangerous low weight.

WEP also plans to launch an engaging social media campaign called #NoSizeFitsAll, which is based on the statistic that 1/5 woman cut their own clothing size labels to conceal their true size. The new social media campaign photoshoot is set to feature designers Isatu Harrison, Katie Pope of Pope London, and Izelia.

Sophie Walker stated that with these new campaigns she hopes to raise awareness on body image issues for women and young girls. She also wants the fashion industry to stop idolizing this dangerously thin depiction of beauty.

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