Why You Will Miss College

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This month millions will graduate college. What these soon to be former students will do next is largely uncertain, but one thing that can almost be guaranteed is that the majority of 2015’s graduating class will miss college -if not in the immediate future then eventually. To comprehend where the feeling will come from you must realize that they often originate from the fact that although these may be a few years of your life, they are important years -not only in your career as a student but in the process of growth.

Sure college’s endless number of papers, sleepless nights, midterms, finals and all the other projects and exams in between were not appealing. It’s almost certain that a great deal of your anxieties during your time in college originated from the fact that you were always going to be tested -your comprehension of subjects, your study skills, time management were all on the table. Not to mention, you had to do a whole lot of reading and writing -more than you probably ever had in your life prior to this. College was most definitely not High School and definitely not easy -especially considering the fact that its a huge investment of time and a great deal of money. For the most part, you had to at least pass your classes and even with just that in the majority of colleges this requires a load of work. Moreover, there was sleepless nights, eating in a dinning hall and having to share bathrooms with an entire floor. So why miss all these?


The idea behind your college years is that not only are you getting an education via the institution but you are also having an overall experience. The things you thought you would never miss come in the package of your memories and in a sense once they are long gone, you begin to miss these things too. Endlessly reading, writing or studying may have felt like hell in the moment -however, you eventually realize that they actually helped you, gave some form of daily purpose and the feeling that you accomplished something after you were done. Besides that you were always getting involved in activities here and there and somehow found the energy for them. Then there were also friends, they were plentiful and easier to get in contact with at the time-whereas now they either are too busy to call back soon, live far away or you both can’t seem to find a common day on your schedules to meet up.

Sure enough after college you have gotten or will get used to a new routine, a job and a different life. Nonetheless, there will come a time when you will have moments of yearning for the loads of dinning hall foods, easy access to a gym, having summer and winter breaks, an excuse for looking like you just got out of bed, student discounts and the constant feeling of triumph after you finished a paper you thought would never get done. A few years into your post-graduate life you begin to look at the bright side that the majority of your college life had -possibly because they all involved a less jaded version of you or simply because your college years harbor that feeling of strong motivation and nostalgia.


I enjoy wandering and getting lost because that's the only way to discover new aspects about people, places, things and most significantly myself. I find inspiration in the various elements of travel, history, sports, fashion, music, movies and food. Writing is one of the most rewarding means for me to share my enthusiasm for the details of those inspirations.

    • Bobby

      I’m approaching my senior year and I’m so excited and scared to enter the real world! I know I’ll miss college because its like fake-real world, away from the parents with tons of responsibilities… but that’s nothing compared to life after college.

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