Love & Embrace your Stretch Marks

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You should love your stretch marks because just like your nose, boobs, scar from when you were a kid, they are apart of you. Many women are self conscious about stretch marks –while they need not be, but it’s somewhat understandable as to why. Considering that the majority of what you see in magazines and on TV are bodies with head-to-toe “perfect” skin; it would appear that stretch marks are a flaw, but that’s far from the truth.

Photo by Linxi DengFirst of all, you should know that the majority of women have stretch marks. Small and large, red and white ones, on thighs, knees, arms, backs, butts, and stomachs. Stretch marks can find a way into various places along your skin for reasons that are just as diverse. These marks prove growth both physical and at times emotional. Stretch marks are a story of fast growth whether in height, weight gain or weight loss. They tell the experience of growing three inches in middle school, growing into your beautiful shape, giving birth -every bit of which is part of your unique tale. Everyone’s body changes and sometimes those changes come with a visual reminder, that you like every man and woman are developing and surviving. This progression in itself is an accomplishment you should be proud of. There is so much your body goes through, be proud of your stretch marks -they are your badge of honor.

Photo by Linxi Deng

With summer upon us, women are excited to whip out the summer outfits. Do not let a few stretch marks stop you from wearing those cute shorts, that sleeveless top, or that sexy bikini. Don’t concern yourself with what other women think, they likely either are self-conscious about themselves or realize that her marks show just how relentless she is. If your concern is what a man you are interested in will think, trust that he either won’t mind or won’t even notice.

Jordan Sparks has recently been quoted as calling her stretch marks ‘tiger stripes’ -which is in essence of what they are. While both men and women can get stretch marks it is often women who are wrongly influenced by the notion that this is a negative thing and that it is a blemish on their body. Do not allow yourself to believe that stretch marks in any way ruin your body. They are natural. You may not have known but even supermodels have stretch marks –Chrissy Teigen is often greeting her thigh stretch marks via pictures in social media.

Photo by Linxi DengThere is no need to try to hide your stretch marks -like Teigen, say “hey” to your stretch marks in that cute dress, in those shorts, in that bikini -because they are part of you. Love your body, every inch of it and every single stretch mark.


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