Why the World Has a Love Hate Relationship With the Kardashians

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We all know them. Their sleek, dark hair and exotic cat-like, brown eyes have filled up our Instagram feeds and are plastered to the covers of all the magazines we read. Their show plays in the background during dinner, and is the cause for girly viewing parties (with snacks and nail polish). We love them, yet we hate them. Who are they you ask? They are the Kardashians, and they have become a k-olossal (yes, colossal with a k) household name.

If you have somehow not heard of the Kardashians (do you live under a rock?), you may be wondering who exactly they are. However, that is a surprisingly difficult question to answer. Although they’re famous worldwide, their spectacular talents are yet to be seen. Kris Jenner made her claim to fame when her ex-husband (Robert Kardashian) defended OJ Simpson during that infamous trial involving Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldstein. Kim Kardashian made her public debut when her sex tape with famous rapper, Ray J, leaked to the public. Kim was also seen buddying up with Paris Hilton. Finally, the family starred in a reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and that’s when their lives really took off.

So why exactly is this family so famous? That question comes with a lot of baggage and controversy. While many say the Kardashians are simply rich white trash, their extensive list of accomplishment seems to tell differently. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe have all modeled, and also own a retail store called Dash. They’re all famous from their reality show (obviously), and Kendall Jenner (daughter of Kris Jenner) is an extremely successful supermodel. Kris’s second husband Bruce Jenner is a famous Olympian, bringing the entire family even more fame. Now that Kanye has joined the gang, they have some truly talented celebrities in their midst.

Via Instagram/kimkardashian

Via Instagram/kimkardashian

While the Kardashian’s lux life disgusts many (does Kylie really need a G-wagon and a Range Rover?), there’s something enticing about the entire family that makes watching their show extremely entertaining. It’s hard to pin point exactly what it is. The riches? The killer good looks? Or maybe it’s the wonder of watching the most self-absorbed people you’ve ever seen. Either way, it’s hard to deny: that family does have talent. While they may not be the Kennedy’s, they are the Kardashians, and any average family would have a difficult time keeping up. From modeling to marketing, they’ve done it all. And what they haven’t done yet, well, just give them time.


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