Yeon, A Label That Has A Reputation in France

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With only three seasons under her name, Yeon Park’s label Yeon has been doing splendidly. She is only 33-years-old, younger than most designers who have worked just as hard to make it to where they need to be. Yeon has sturdy footing with some of Paris’s most luxurious brands. Park lives in New York City, where she also designs her pieces for the label. She produces most of the materials she needs in France at two exclusive factories. She is the only American brand that the factories work with, which is crazy good for Park and her high-end apparel. It is not anything major for Park, but she is grateful that she can tag-team with Paris.

This week, Yeon and another brand label, Moda Operandi will be partnering together on their own collaboration. 25 of Park’s pieces will be available on the online store of Moda Operandi boutique that they own and the rest of Park’s collection will be online on Moda Operandi’s official website. Because Yeon is not relatively known, this will provide even more excellent opportunities for Yeon’s image. There is potential, of course, seeing how far Park has gotten already. It is a major breakout moment for Yeon.

Yeon Park was born and raised in Korea before moving to New York to study fashion at Parsons School of Design. Park then had internships that gave her a look into the fashion industry. When she was working for the brand Thakoon, it was a more hands-on approach, which was great for Park because she felt prepared for the fashion industry. She was closer to the process of designing in an environment that was definitely different than being in a small studio. Then she worked with the fabric department at Donna Karan and got to see how fabric is made and what goes into a fabric mill.

Now, yeon Park gets down to customizing her fabric before creating her designs and proceeds to think about the shaping methods and how the clothes should drape. Park is a pro of designing garments in the reflection of where she has traveled. Her latest collection was based off the salt mines in Peru while the new season will be based on her travels to Japan. Bamboo tatami mats were claimed as her inspiration so she went with silk, wool, and cashmere as the go-to for her fabric choice. Another material is also in the mix and it is cruelty-free angora.

It required a promise to persuade the factories in France to take a chance on Yeon. She had to send them a book of her first collection for them to finally make a decision, one that made her business grow. It speaks volumes about her talent, especially when the factories overlook order minimums for her collections. They are extremely happy that Yeon is working with Moda.

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