Xehar is a fashion clothing company that selling apparels to women with confidence, no matter what their hobbies, sizes, or creeds. The clothing line is various range from professional style, casual, active and evening wear, shoes and accessories. The company of Xehar is not only selling clothing, but also wants to connect with individual customers to set up a real and desired community, including plus-sized women. Hadari Oshri, who is a founder and CEO of Xehar, said that ” too often, we see non plus-sized models being used to sell clothing to the demographic of curvy women. We are really excited to help find new voices and faces of real women who love fashion and embrace their bodies, curves and all.” In other words, one of the goals for the company of Xehar is to give dramatic confidence for plus-sized women based on clothing to inspire fashion collections.

Based on the core value of Xehar, the company holds the competition of international curvy model fashion line. Individuals who enter the competition have chance to design their own fashion line under the company, and the winner is going to be decided in July of 2017. The effect of competition is to encourage increasing of young designers to participate into plus-sized apparel and let increasing of individuals to notice the market.

“Ideal” body type in society nowadays is skinny and curvy. The standard of “ideal” is significantly created by individuals in society, especially in fashion area. The majority of fashion companies use skinny models to advertise apparel to attract consumers, so increasing of customers think that skinny body type is ideal. However, do you know the ideal body type in the dynasty of Tang in China was plus-size? Men in Tang dynasty liked fatter women than thin women, which is the ideal body type now. Thus, it is obvious that the standard of body type could be changed in the future by the lead of the company like Xehar, and it could result giving more confidence to plus-sized women. Skinny and plus-sized body types could be both ideal types in the future.

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