You Can Get Cardi B’s Dress at Target

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Cardi B has certainly taken the music world by storm. The female rapper is the first woman of her genre to have two consecutive songs to place as number one on the Billboard Top 100. Yet, as many of her fans will tell you, it is her sense of honesty and down to earth approach that seems to endear her to so many people. For example, having revealed her pregnancy back in April on Saturday Night Live, she has been relatively open about her experiences; even going so far as to describe what she believes to be odd, pregnancy fueled dreams on Twitter.

However, Cardi B has recently shared some details about her wardrobe. After posting a clip of herself rapping to “Who Wants the Smoke,” many people on social media enquired after her outfit; a floral, off-the-shoulder maxi dress.

She tweeted back, revealing that the dress is from Target. It is currently on sale for $20.98.

Many fans were excited to see that the dress was available for such a price and at Target no less.

The dress is the epitome of boho chic and the floral design gives off perfect summer vibes. The super flattering cut and fit material both seem like they would keep you cool.

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    • Maya Asregadoo

      I love it when celebrities wear affordable clothing, and Cardi’s dress is absolutely adorable!

    • Alicia Cline

      Love Cardi and how down to earth she is, especially how she’s wearing a dress from Target

    • Leonardo Andrés López Carreño

      I love how bold and relatable Cardi is!

    • kylee scott

      you cant go wrong with target. I think that when a celebrity wears an affordable brand like target it makes that celebrity much more relatable and likable.

    • Usman Kakangi

      Impeccable taste from Cardi B at an affordable price. She’s down to earth.

    • Prasun Srivastava


    • Prasun Srivastava


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