You Need to Check Out this Eco-Friendly Sleepwear Line

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More and more, apparel brands are starting to make environmentally-conscious decisions. Many are now using organic cotton, reconstructing old clothing, reselling vintage pieces, and supplying fabric shopping bags for customers instead of plastic, which takes hundreds of years to decompose.

Sustainability hasn’t really been a subject of focus for sleepwear brands, but Evewear is changing that. The Los Angeles based sleepwear line, started by Talia Eve Schlussel, is focused on creating zero waste. Schlussel makes all the clothing locally, using deadstock fabric from warehouses to create her collection. . Using old fabrics doesn’t waste the natural resources that normally go into creating and shipping new fabrics.

via Evewear

Evewear consists of five different sleepwear styles that come in sets, named after women and some of their personalities: the Girl Next Door, the Tomboy, the Romantic, the Icon, and the Free Spirit. The sets are designed to be slept in, but they can be worn during the day, too. And if sleepwear starts turning into daywear, I doubt anyone is opposed.

Although there are currently only five sets available on the website, Schlussel says there are more to come. She wants to eventually introduce more colors and accessories. She doesn’t believe in stereotypes and isn’t trying to label women with her personality-labeled sets. She just thinks that these personalities live inside of all of us. Evewear is universal, and something all kinds of women can see themselves in.

Schlussel believes that Evewear is more than just sleepwear; it represents a state of mind. She explains that while women feel their most comfortable when they are at home in their sleepwear, it’s time for them to feel just as comfortable when they leave their house in sleepwear. With Evewear, you will be ready to take on the night and the day, as confident as you’ve ever been.

Featured image via Evewear

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