Young Entrepreneur Proves You’re Never Too Young To Follow Your Passion

What were you doing at the young age of twelve? I’m going to guess and say you were most likely sitting in your sixth-grade classroom listening to your teacher talk about multiplication as you dazed off into space. Let’s face it, at that age all we care about is having fun with our friends and wondering what our mom made for dinner that night.

At that age, the future and growing up seem so far away. We had things we may have thought we liked but as we aged our passions and interests began to change. Then came the thought of “what do I want to be when I grow up”, which most people don’t think about until the dreaded senior year of high school when it is time to ‘plan’ your life out; well try to plan your life out. Even at that age many of us still had no clue what to do with our lives.

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Our top editors give you the stories, recommendations and honest reviews you need and want - delivered right to your inbox.

Many of us may struggle to find a passion in life, then there are people who discover this easily. Tara Biscan is one of those fortunate ones who knew a young age what she wanted to do with her life. She may only be twelve but she developed herself into an entrepreneur by starting her own fabric designs.

Growing up, Biscan traveled all over the globe to places like France, Australia, Japan, and all throughout the United States. Everywhere she went she made sure to collect a pen to add to her collection. She would find all different colors of them and use them for creating her designs. Her designs range from custom clothing to lifestyle products.

Tara’s mother is also an artist and entrepreneur on her own, which is where she learned most everything she knows. Both her and her mom decided that with the profit Tara made with this new business a portion would be donated to a charity called Water. This charity is a nonprofit organization that provides clean water to developing countries. Most of the money ends up going to the charity and she is excited to see just how much she can raise for them.

Her designs, known as “Taraly”, are a mix of capris, leggings, yoga pants and skirts. Her collection is custom-made to order from different fabrics she already has designed. Tara has taken art classes from her mother and has become developed her own creative personality which she showcases in her designs. She likes to combine all different colors and shapes together to make fun and artistic clothing.

Every single design is colored and hand-drawn by Tara. She has always loved to color and gets exciting when she is able to see her drawings go from paper to clothing. Her main focus right now is selling yoga pants, but she has also dipped into the lifestyle product business as well.

Growing up her and her sisters were always coming up with fun little businesses. They first started with making desserts and going door-to-door selling them to people in their town. They then branched off and started selling products such as dog collars and ceramics that they made. Going around trying to sell products taught them how to be good business women and learn how to negotiate with customers. It also showed them how to not get discouraged if someone did not want their product.

Even with this crazy life that Tara now has, she is the same fun sixth grader just like you and I were. She still loves hanging out with her friends and enjoying life outside of the business would. She is involved in activities such as Tae Kwon Do and is a straight-A student. Her love for all these other activities is strong, but her true passion has always been drawing.

The third grade was the first time she really realized just how well she was at art. She won first place in a drawing competition which leads her to continue with this dream.

Did you have a passion at this age? Did you follow that passion or turn to something else? Sometimes in life we think that our dreams are too big and there is no way to make them come true. People like Tara show the world that if you have a passion for something, no matter your age, you should follow it. You never know where it can lead you.

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