Young Youtube Star Uses Hair Bows to Send a Message to Bullies

When you hear the words “mean girls” I bet a few names pop up into your head. Everyone has had run in with these “girls” throughout their middle school and high school days. Usually, by the time these girls get to college, they hopefully learn that being rude to other girls will not get them very far in life. When growing up and dealing with these bullies, it was sometimes hard to stand up to them. No one liked them, but no one wanted to be their enemy because everyone knew that meant a life of torture.

Maybe now that we’re older we look back and wish we had the guts to stand up to them at least once and tell them how we really felt. For many, that is a hard thing to do. Luckily, there are other girls out there who do not mind asserting a voice to these mean girls. Thirteen- year-old JoJo Siwa decided it was time she took a stand in her own way. She rolled up in her vintage car with her giant pink bow and sang a note to her mom how she didn’t care anymore about those mean girls or what they had to say. Well okay, maybe that did not happen in real life. This appeared in her music video called BOOMERANG, that addresses mean girls. This music video has gone viral and has gotten serious hits on YouTube.

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In her video, the energetic young teenage star wears bright pastel colors and wins a dance battle against the other girls in her school. But not to worry, in the end everyone becomes friends (don’t we all wish).  Siwa had on bright colors and different bows in her hair to symbolize confidence, which she felt many young girls dealing with this issue lack. She wanted the video to show a representation of how any young women should always believe in themselves.

Typically, when girls hit their teenage years they outgrow the infamous bows that their moms always made them wear as a child, but JoJo isn’t your typical teenager. She recently signed a deal with Nickelodeon to produce her music. Now the bows that she has been seen sporting in her video have become a top seller at Claire’s, where she purchased them from.

JoJo said she has been rocking the side ponytail and bow since she was four years old, and has never gotten tired of the trend. She knows that many girls may not like this style or feel it is for little girls, but she likes being different from the crowd. At thirteen, she has already discovered herself and knows who she is. That is something many people do not do till their much older. Having such humble confidence in herself has allowed her to not let this new fame go to her head. She does not want to act like someone new just because of this new rise to fame. She is thirteen, and she plans on staying like a normal thirteen-year-old girl.

And being young and free is how she presents herself daily. She is in now rush to grow up and has the bows to show for it. In today’s world, so many girls want to take the fast lane and start using makeup by the age of ten. JoJo represents that it is okay to stay a kid and there does not have to be a need to grow up so fast. She likes just having fun and she is grateful that she could show that through her video.

If only we could all find our spark at such a young age. In the future, JoJo plans on making a lot more music and still being a voice to young girls. She wants to continue to use her platform for good and sending positive messages about being confident within yourself.

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