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Nowadays, people use heat products and color their hair more than ever before, and hair is incredible fragile. Normal brushes are hard on delicate hair, causing hair to break and become even more unhealthy. The Wet Brush is gentle on the hair, making it easy to use even when your hair is in its most delicate state–when it is wet.

$9.99 The Wet Brush - USA from the
$9.99 The Wet Brush – USA from the

The Wet Brush comes in a plethora of colors and sizes. There are pastel colors, a USA pattern, and even neon designs.

$2.99 Brush Cleaner - Pink from
$2.99 Brush Cleaner – Pink from

The Wet Brush even offers Brush Cleaners to increase the life of your brush. Their brushes are fairly inexpensive to begin with, but this is even more of a reason to buy The Wet Brush.

via instagram/kendalljenner
via instagram/kendalljenner

Furthermore, the fashion world loves The Wet Brush. It has grazed magazines such as Elle March 2015, Star August 2014, People July 2014, etc. Even Kendall Jenner loves the brush–she posted a selfie with it on her Instagram.

$5.98 The Wet Pop - Black at
$5.98 The Wet Pop – Black at

Portable brushes called “The Wet Pop” are also in their stock. They have everything you need to keep your hair healthy in the brush department. Try The Wet Brush; your hair will thank you.

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