By far, brunch is everyone’s favorite meal. New York City is the place to get the best brunch you’ve ever had. The hardest part of brunching is pulling yourself out of bed and those comfy PJ’s and actually getting to the restaurant. So this weekend, hop out outta bed, put on this outfit and Instagram your ensemble as well as your brunch plate.



available at Urban Outfitters, $49.00

This dress will be easy to slip on and give you a breathable feel so when you eat too much french toast, the dress wont fit too tight. Available in colors, rust, navy blue, black, gray, and olive green.



available at Aldo Shoes, $60.00

Give your feet a break from those gorgeous heels you’ve been rocking all week –Sunday is the day of rest anyway. These sandals will make the walk to the restaurant a breeze.



available at Style Nanda, $18.00

These mirrored sunnies with let you all the food your friends/family order without them knowing you’re about to steal their last piece of bacon.

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