Just after midnight on the night of Sunday, March 23rd, 2014, law enforcement drove through a “bad area” in downtown L.A. to break up a fight between 3 homeless men and Zac Efron! Zac was reportedly intoxicated, despite his efforts to stay sober after 2 visits to rehab last Spring.

Zac gave the account to law enforcement [according to TMZ] that he and his bodyguard were sitting in a car after running out of gas, and threw a bottle (contents, if any, were not specified) out the window that smashed on the pavement. The broken bottle landed very closely to the 3 other homeless men, who then confronted the two, thinking that it was directed to hit them. After 2 of the men attacked his bodyguard, Zac went to help but instead received a hit that he considered to be “the hardest I’ve ever been hit in my life”. Police later confirmed that no one was arrested because it was considered a “mutual combat” by both parties.

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