Zara’s ‘Timeless’ Collection Shows How Beautiful Aging Can Be

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Zara has introduced its ‘Timeless’ collection and features women who are all over the age of 40. Traditionally, models tend to be at least 5’8, under a size 4, and not over the age of 20. Fashion labels claim that, in regard to size, it is to save money because a lot of high end fashion pieces are extremely expensive. In an industry that generates millions each year, the extra fabric allegedly would not be feasible. We call bullshit. People want to see their bodies represented.

Malgosia Bela, who is one of the models for Zara’s ‘Timeless’ collection, said, “I prefer myself so much better now than ten years ago or 20 years ago.” She continued, “Obviously it would be nice not to get old and ugly, but the mental process is only for the better. So, it’s a paradox: more confidence, and you are getting old. But it’s . . . I kind of like it.”

Isabella Rossellini was featured on Vogue, and was a long time spokesperson for Lancôme. She was an actress who was well connected, but as she got older she found that it became increasingly difficult to find career opportunities. The gorgeous 62 year old stated, “In two or three photo-shoots I had the cover of Vogue and my career exploded.” She continued, “But I didn’t know that ageism was rampant in fashion.” She went on, “No one asked me how old I was at the beginning, and when they found out: ‘Argh!” she exclaimed while waving her arms, mocking the people who asked her age before stating, “They were horrified.”

Forrest Scogin, a professor at the University of Alabama as well as a chairman of CONA, stated, “We need to raise the consciousness of the need for aging material.” He continued, “There needs to be a greater awareness of who the older adults are–they are a diverse group. Ageism and stereotypes just don’t work.”

In the fashion industry, there seems to be a lot of stereotypes surrounding aging individuals. There is an idea that they are old geezers barely cognitive of the world around them. In reality, many individuals over the age of sixty live viable, productive lives. Many work out, spend time on their appearance, have a sense of fashion, and spend time with friends and family. The fashion industry would also benefit fiscally by trying to tap in to a demographic with the largest amount of disposable income.

Doris Roberts, who is best known for her part as a main character in the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond stated, “My peers and I are portrayed as dependent, helpless, unproductive and demanding rather than deserving.” She continued, “In reality, the majority of seniors are self-sufficient, middle-class consumers with more assets than most young people, and the time and talent to offer society.”

Zara’s ‘Timeless’ collection features a variety of smart looking suits. Many of them are neutral colors and often show off traditional checkered fall patterns. One image featured on their websites highlights a pair of lime green pointed heels, showing a pop of color and pizazz.

Trench coats also appear to be back. They appear to be simpler in design than the previously mentioned green heels. There is one that is beige with dark buttons. Another is a stunning royal blue with elements of black infused into the design. Their grey coat is a gorgeous color as well and appears to resemble smoke coming off of a fire, or an early morning’s mist in the mountains.

A satin dress is featured in the collection as well. The neckline is higher on the model, and the dress features short sleeves. The fall of the dress is loose and represents that of a goddess.

All of the models featured in Zara’s ‘Timeless’ collection wear the designs beautifully. As a society, we need to be more inclusive of individuals with diverse demographic categories and the ‘Timeless’ collection displays just how beautiful diversity looks.

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