Out of the 8.7 million animal species, only a very few are considered weird creatures. Most other species are adorable and even may find these weird creatures gross and disgusting. A traveler would know the unique peculiarities in various species as remarkable features and behavior. Nothing can get worse than the female praying mantis which bites the head of her lover. However, now that the travel plans are halted because of the pandemic, we will continue to share stories as these weird creatures to feel inspired and plan your next adventure when the world becomes normal again.

  • Fainting Goat
Credits: Redbubble Images

Also, referred to as the “Myotonic Goat”, the fainting goat is extremely unique for its behavior. This hefty breed of goats possesses unique traits compared to the rest of the goat species. Their strange nature erupts during a fearful situation. These goats instantly faint due to fear-based situations. This is because of their inherited disorder, where there’s a delay in their relaxation muscles. In a frightful instance, the muscles of the fainting goats go stiff, making them fall. The goats will stay fainted for 10-20 seconds before they regain consciousness. However, this reaction doesn’t involve any pain, mostly because it’s a genetic disorder.

  • Horned Lizard
Credits: Pixabay Images

This North American genus is often found wandering in drier climates. This species, also known as “Horntoads”, has a strange behavior as moving sluggishly and mostly remaining motionless. Unlike other lizards, Horned Lizards try to adapt to various techniques to avoid predators. Their true horns are a remarkable feature. What’s stranger is its trick to fend off predators like hawks, snakes, and canines. The weird trick involves shooting blood off from ducts in the corners of its eyes, focusing eyes and mouth of the predators, buying it more time to make a hasty retreat. The shot blood can travel for as long as 1.2 meters in distance and contain an unpleasant substance. How weird is that?

  • Sea Cucumber
Credts: Pixabay Images

With a sloth-like speed, the Sea Cucumber’s actual nature is quite different. This weird creature acts disgusting during times of threat. Of a predatory attack by crabs or the rest, this disgusting creature shoots out its guts and other organs in the body, intestines, respiratory tract, or even reproductive organs, from their anus. Believe it or not, some predators find it extremely appetizing. As they dig in, the Sea Cucumber makes its escape and hides under a rock for a few months as the organs in the body are regenerated. The nature of a Sea Cucumber can make anyone sick to the stomach.

  • Glass Frog
Credits: Getty Images

Despite their gross nature, most frogs have thick skin over their bodies. Now imagine one with transparent skin. Exactly, that’s a glass frog. They appear gross for their appearance, as their skin is all glassy and everything inside their body is transparent and visible. However, it is amazing to know that the spotted backs of these glass frogs resemble their eggs, making predators get confused. This species is mostly spotted in Costa Rica and Panama. The best place to see them, however, would be the National Park of Tortuguero.

  • Honey Badger
Credits: Pinterest

The strangest characteristic of a Honey Badger is acting fearlessly during any situation or the willingness to even go to the extent of taking down larger animals as lions and buffalo. They only weigh an average of 16.6 kilograms. Irrespective of the size, every other feature of a Honey Badger has an incredibly powerful jaw, rubbery skin that’s extremely thick in texture, and unique defensive strategies make them defense leaders. Also, is the ability to transform the pouch in their rear end to a sprayer of a suffocating stench. Predators find this action disgusting and flee away in most instances. What Stunt!

  • Hairy Frog
Credits: Pixabay Images

Also known as the “Wolverine frog,” the 10 cm long frog is one unique amphibian for its weird behavior. The hairy frog has a strange habit of breaking its bones constantly. Now, this may seem odd and careless, however, that’s its nature. Originated from Western Africa, this strange species can contract its muscles when it feels threatened. In a threatening situation, he contracts his muscles that are connected to his claws that make his bones break. The frog then uses the undersides of its toe pads that seem like weapons as he thrusts into the shards. Moreover, when its mission is accomplished, and the foe has vanished, its bones retreat and position back to normal. This is because of the regeneration of the tissues around its claws. 

  • Eurasian Roller Bird
Credits: Pixabay Images

Just imagine if a person you approach to say “hello” vomits at you as soon as you reach him/her? That’s exactly what a Eurasian Roller Bird would do. The baby birds especially practice this rude behavior. This is mainly because they suspect anyone as a predator. These migrant birds who travel from Europe to Central Asia use this strategy to be safe from various predators, such as snakes, rats, and countless other predators. When the baby birds throw up their smelly intestinal fluid, the bad guys stay away. Hence, the Eurasian birds have a good reason for their rudeness.

  • Fossa
Credits: Pixabay Images

Although very much similar to a cat, Fossa belongs to the Weasley family. It’s also a close relative of the Mongoose family. As Madagascar is home to countless weird species, Fossa too belongs there. Although the ears and the shape of the head resemble a cat, the behavior is quite exciting. The long tail of the Fossa helps it with the grip when climbing trees. The tail acts as a grip while Fossa transfers from branch to branch. Fossa, being a predator, hunts well both on the ground and on trees. Madagascar proudly presents Fossa as their largest predator.

In conclusion, capturing these unusual animals on camera would be sometimes impossible. However, for a passionate traveler, it would be just a matter of being patient until the pandemic is over. If you are an extremist and love nature at its best, then these amazing yet weird animals are a must see before you die.

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