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Any relationship can be thought of as a ‘journey’ – The journey may start with an act of excitement, which turns to dejection. The road has many forks and decisions to make. It sometimes becomes bumpy, foggy or dark; but it is also filled with surprises! Here are 10 Relationship Tips that can help you take control of your mid-life crisis.

1) Refrain from Criticizing your Partner

Your relationship will never improve if you keep blaming each other for everything that goes wrong. Acceptance is the key to understanding your partner better every day. Respecting his/her boundaries is a must for making things work out smoothly in the long run. Moreover, don’t compare him/them with another person from your past and try to look for excuses and reasons instead of pointing out his actual mistakes.

2) Do Something New Together

Start a hobby, like photography or playing chess together; it doesn’t really matter what the activity is about as long as you both love doing it. Choose one that will make you learn new things and explore the world together. Doing such activities regularly with him/her can be fun and refreshing!

3) Give Yourself Space

People go through many mood swings during a mid-life crisis, but your partner needs some alone time too. It is important to give each other some breathing space so that he/she feels comfortable and less irritated than usual during this difficult phase of life. Moreover, don’t be clingy and follow him/her everywhere, as it can be suffocating for him/her to deal with you every time.

4) Don’t Try Too Hard

Don’t try so much to make your relationship work. It may even lead things to a deadlock and you will both feel frustrated. Be gentle and romantic with each other, even if he/she doesn’t seem interested anymore! Try giving them space–whether personal or physical–but don’t force them into doing anything they aren’t willing to do. Keep in mind that during a mid-life crisis people become more irritable and grumpy, therefore you must refrain from pushing yourself onto them all the time…because it will not work out well at all!

5) Lead Separate Lives Too

It doesn’t mean your only aim is to make the relationship work, especially after years of having lived together. You deserve some time on your own and so does he/she. Separate lives can be even more romantic than staying together all day, as you both miss each other now and then…and give yourselves reasons for looking forward to each other’s company at the end of the week.

6) Don’t Trust Life-changing Decisions

Don’t take major life-changing decisions during a mid-life crisis; they are usually bad ones! For instance, taking up an adventure holiday solo may not be a good idea if your partner isn’t willing to you on it! When this crisis strikes, you may feel like doing things on your own and without the consent of anyone else. But hold your horses right there! A solo trip can lead to many problems later on…as it’s difficult to manage everything yourself…no matter how strong-minded you are!

7) Don’t ignore him/her

If your partner is going through a mid-life crisis, then that person needs you more than ever before–especially when he/she gets into one of those moods where they want to be left alone. A supportive friend who will always be there for them is what they need the most during such hard times. Just don’t forget that even if you are busy with other things in life, their feelings are equally important as yours and you should never snub them, even if they seem of no use to you at the moment!

8) Love and Affection Will Always Work

Make your partner feel they are special in every way possible. Show that you care for them by paying attention to what they like doing and sharing their hobbies. Moreover, as we said before as well–don’t be clingy…as it can become irritating after some time!

9) Find the Reason Behind Their Behavior

Many times, people go through this phase because of some traumatic experiences or some bitter memories from their past. If your partner has shared nothing with you, then ask him/her about what has been going on. Chances are your partner will tell you the reason behind their behavior and it may be something which is beyond your control… and thus, completely out of your expectations’!

10) Don’t Fight Over Things They do

If he/she wants to spend time away from you or want to do something for themselves, don’t make a mountain out of a molehill by fighting over it. Instead, encourage them in whatever they want to do because that’s how both of you can strengthen your relationship further healthily!

And always remember that love has no age limit! It knows nothing of mid-life crisis. A little effort from both sides can even take a worst-case scenario and turn it into a positive one!

In the end, all we have to say is that ‘love knows no age’, so why should it be affected by this? If you love someone, don’t let a mid-life crisis come your way. Fight together instead of being part of their problem…as they need your support during such challenging times more than anything else…so help them get over this phase as soon as possible!

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