Are you looking for a new pair of glasses? You want them to be chic and stylish but you want them to last. Don’t worry, we’ve done all of the research for you so now you just have to pick! Here are the best 11 glasses frame companies on the market.

1. Spine Optics

spine optics

$169.95 Available at Go Optic

Spine Optics has gone above and beyond in the making of their frames. Their frames are inspired by vertebrae to have hinges that can flex to any face shape, making this the perfect fit for anyone. To prevent the loosening of screws, Spine Optics doesn’t use any at all. Spine is made to move in any and every direction while absorbing any impact it might occur. Having been created with a spun wire cable with a diameter of .60mm, the glasses have 5 working spine vertebrae which interact with one another to create a hinge opening of 90 degrees. This prevents any wear and tear to the frames, making them extremely durable and long lasting.

Prices start at $169.95. Check out their website: SpineOptics

2. Oakley


$120.00 Available at Oakley

If you’re an athlete looking for high performance glasses, Oakley is a great option. Their High Definition Optics are designed to increase your safety and performance while maintaining a clear and sharp vision. Compared to traditional lenses, these HDO’s exceed normal testing standards created by the American National Standards Institute. Traditional lenses magnify what you see, creating shifts in reality which will alter your performance, while the Oakley’s glasses allow you to see clearly. Their glasses come in different styles for both men and women.

Prices start at $120. Check out their website: Oakley

3. Costa Del Mar


$219.00 Available at Costa Del Mar

Looking for a durable pair of sunglasses? Then you need to check out Costa Del Mar. These sunglasses have metal frames which are corrosion-resistant by using a material called Monel, making these the perfect sunglasses for a day on the water. The hinges are made out of stainless steel and are flexible so they can keep their shape as you wear them. The built in wire core temples provide the durability you are looking for to have long lasting sunglasses. Costa has also includes tough nylon and Hydrolite so the sunglasses grip to your skin as you sweat.

Prices start at $149. Check out their website: Costa Del Mar

4. Persol


$250.00 Available at Lens Crafters

Persol is the perfect option if you are looking for something a bit more stylish. The company began in 1917 by Gieuseppe Ratti, the owner of Berry Opticians. He embarked on the adventure of creating technically advanced glasses to meet the needs of sports drivers and pilots. Today, having different frame designs such as Icons, Designs, Suprema and Classics, there is certainly a style for you. These different looks come in both sunglasses and optics so you can have everything you need. The production of the glasses is done in Italy and they take pride in their craftsmanship and dedication to making the finest frames, considering them a work of art.

Prices start at $250. Check out their website: Persol

5. Silhouette


$144.99 Available at Best Buy Eyeglasses

Silhouette is an Australian based eyewear brand which makes sunglasses and optics for both men and women. Having been working with Adidas since 1991, Silhouette designs glasses meant for athletes for the Adidas Performance line. Outside of sportswear, their everyday frames are made of a Monel metal. This is a copper and nickel based metal which resists corrosion, is easily adjustable and maintains stability. Their different styles range from aviator to hipster to fit everyone’s unique look.

Prices start at $144.99. Check out their website: Silhouette

6. Savile Row

savile row

$350.00 Available at Frames Direct

Savile Row takes pride in their London made frames which have a minimalist look to them. Their 18K solid gold frames must go through more than 120 processes by hand in order to create a beautiful finished product. They have created frames for celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II, Johnny Depp and Daniel Radcliff’s character of Harry Potter. Savile Row’s recent combinations of metal and other materials have allowed them to create new styles and designs.

Prices start at $260. Check out their website: Savile Row

7. Lafont


$345.00 Available at Vizio Optic

Lafont is a French based eyewear brand which has been passed down for three generations. They make use of modern French techniques to create high-tech eyewear. Having complete control of their creative design, the Lafont family makes sure that every piece of eyewear created meets their high standards. Each season, Lafont creates about 30 new models for men, women and children so there’s always something new to try.

Prices start at $265. Check out their website: Lafont

8. Maui Jim


$299.00 Available at Maui Jim

Meant for the sun as harsh as when in Maui, Maui Jim creates lenses with PolarizedPlus2 technology to protect your eyes from UV rays and enhances the color of the beautiful scenery around you. Their sunglasses are water and scratch resistant to ensure long lasting durability. Each frame comes with a unique style to provide the best looks for your protected eyes.

Prices start at $219. Check out their website: Maui Jim

9. Warby Parker


$95.00 Available at Warby Parker

Warby Parker was created by students to provide designer eyewear at an affordable price. They get their inspiration from around the world, designing each frame from an initial in-house sketch to test the final design. The lenses themselves are UV 400 protected and are impact-resistant to prevent scratches. They only use the top materials to create their frames, such as Japanese titanium and a single-sheet cellulose acetate which they source from a family run factory in Italy. Each frame is then hand-polished and tumbled for a minimum of three days. To reach the optimal amount of shine, Warby Parker imports a German polish wax compound. They have a free shipping and free returns policy as well. With all of these hands on processes, you’re bound to get one of the best frames on the market. Don’t forget, for every pair sold, a pair will be given to someone in need.

Prices start at $95. Check out their website: Warby Parker

10. Fetch Eyewear


$125.00 Available at Fetch Eyewear

The design method at Fetch is definitely unique as each designer has their own inspiration for creating a final product. For instance, the Dash frame, designed by Kristen Flemington, was designed with a subtle style in mind. She began by sketching different variations of thin acetate frames with a keyhole style bridge, which she calls her “ideal literary glasses rendered with a light, modern touch.” To find the perfect thickness for the frames, to prevent a dated look, she played with different rims to find the perfect width which works for both men and women. With other designs, such as Jill and Pepper, you’re sure to find the frame that works for you.

Prices start at $125. Check out their website: Fetch Eyewear

11. Smith Optics


$119.00 Available at Sunglass Hut

Smith Optics provides an array of sunglasses, each with something unique to offer. Their frames are constructed with a base curve, to allow the perfect fit for your face; a base curve is simply the radius from the back of the lens. Smith Optic provides styles with a 6, 8 and 9 base lens curvature in order to find the perfect style for you. The stainless steel hinges use small springs to keep the glasses fitted perfectly. It is designed to self-adjust for all head shapes and sizes. The Megol, placed at the nose, grips onto your skin and increases in gripping power the more you sweat, which allows the frame to stay in place. These are definitely one of the most innovative eyeglasses on the market.

Prices start at $80. Check out their website: Smith Optics

Image: Via Warby Parker

Written by Rachel Tallis

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