Abercrombie’s Hollister on Antibullying Efforts

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Abercrombie & Fitch Co.’s Hollister brand will begin showcasing its support of Sit With Us, an anti-bullying app created by Natalie Hampton to help students find allies and lunch buddies at school, the app will be launching this September.

This Fall multiplatinum recording artists, Khalid and Noah Cyrus, will join Hollister in bringing awareness to the issue.

Image via Sit With Us/ Twitter

Khalid said Women’s Wear Daily in a 2018 report, “I am proud to collaborate with a brand that celebrates inclusivity. I’m only two years out of high school and I still clearly remember the bullying that can happen in that environment.”

Noah Cyrus said to Women’s Wear Daily in a 2018 report, “To be part of this Hollister campaign alongside my friend Khalid is an absolute dream.” She also said, “I’m also proud to bring further awareness to Natalie’s Sit With Us app to make school a better place for all.”

“Khalid and Noah are highly relatable to our teen audience and both talk openly about their passion for acceptance and inclusivity, a focus that ties to Hollister’s value of celebrating the freedom to belong,” Hollister VP of marketing Michael Scheiner told Billboard in a 2018 report. “Khalid and Noah bring strong followings and we see a lot of overlap among our combined fan base.” Hollister’s primary age demographic is 131-to-18, which overlaps with both Cyrus and Khalid’s young audiences.

Bringing awareness to anti-bullying is very important to her because she has experienced it first hand.

Cyrus wasn’t physically bullied, but did get teased so much that she switched schools. “I had some shitty kids in school say some stuff to me about my family or my last name, so my father or brother would sit with me at school even though we only had 45 kids,” she said to Billboard in a 2018 report. “Lunchtime is hard when you don’t have a lot of friends.”

I tend to focus my attention outwards and am drawn to the external world of action. I learn a lot about the world through experience. Focusing on what I have seen, heard, or touched, gives me the ability to develop a practical and realistic outlook on the world. Making decisions based on impersonal criteria like principles and logic is very important to me.I accept responsibility for my actions. When I succeed, I accept the satisfaction of the achievement, and if I do fail at something, I learn from it and do better next time. I feel confident in my abilities and am accepting of myself. I have good time management skills. I am able to fit the most important things in life into my schedule. I have a strong sense of goal commitment.

  • Dwee1

    I wouldn’t expect Hollister to help out a startup app so this is different and serves a genuine, meaningful purpose.

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