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It is always exciting to see new faces in the fashion industry, especially when they bring something fresh or different to the table. Fashion photographers are an integral part of the fashion industry. So many go unrecognized unless they get their work in a major fashion magazine such as Vogue or Elle. 

These five up and coming fashion photographers are doing amazing work and everyone in the industry should be watching and supporting them. With opportunities, most importantly.

Nadine Ijewere 

The first black woman to shoot a Vogue cover. She is from London, and she shot Selena Gomez. She also made history as the first black woman to shoot for British Vogue, in 2018. “I hope this encourages Black women that there is space for us to take in this industry.” And most of all she wants people with a similar background (she comes from a Nigerian-Jamaican household) to see that it is indeed possible, since she herself never thought she would be in the position she is in right now.

fashion photographers
Photo: Nadine Ijewere

Philip-Daniel Ducasse

Recently joining the Vogue roster, Ducasse is 32 years old and grew up in  Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Which is why he says he likes to add color in his photography. Particularly when shooting black people, he understands how color works with brown skin. Therefore, he is aware of what colors to use and which ones to avoid. Finally, someone at Vogue who won’t be making black celebrities on the cover- look ashy. Currently Ducasse also dabbles in filmmaking and resides in Brooklyn. 

fashion photographers
Photo: Philip-Daniel Ducass

Alexi Lubomirski

Recently profiled for his work towards a fashion industry that does not use fur, feathers or exotic skins, Alex is a British fashion photographer, started , Creatives 4 Change. Has shot famous figures like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so he is not that new, but his environmental work is worth noting. 

fashion photographers
Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

Tyler Mitchell

Tyler is an American photographer. He is based in Brooklyn, New York, and is best known for his cover photo of Beyoncé for the cover of Vogue, in 2018. His passion for photography started in his skateboarding days. His skating community helped him raise the funds for his very first camera, a Digital SLR Canon. He grew a following on Instagram and had landed campaigns with Marc Jacobs and Converse. His work can be found in galleries like the Red Hook Labs, Art Partner. And the refreshing part is that he does meaningful work like his visual project called I’m Doing Pretty Hood in My Pink Polo, where he investigates modern black masculinity. 

Photo: Tyler Mitchell

Mashael Al Saie

Using photography and film, Mashael explores and challenges out-dated standards of femininity and the politicization of women’s bodies. Particularly how a woman’s cultural roots impact these two ideas, her focus on Arab women like herself.  She studied at the  University of California, Berkeley, for her undergraduate. And pursuing her master’s degree in New York City, at New York University.

All these photographers are doing meaningful work that has a powerful message. Showing that fashion will always play a key role in storytelling. Not just for enjoyment, but for education purposes too.

fashion photohraphers
Photo: Mashael Al Saie
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