NARS is one of my favorite beauty labels and their lip products are all so chic and beautifully packaged. I’m sure you have a few laying around in your makeup bag too. So, what’s the scene? NARS is launching its first ever women’s empowerment exhibition in London, premiering their new lip product called the Powermatte Lip Pigment this Fall. The 20-color range varies between colors we’ve never seen, or felt before! The exhibition is expected to be more of an awareness movement, celebrating women, beauty, and art. We even have Bella Hadid and Justin Gossman as the look of the Powermatte campaign: an androgynous, black and white, rocker- fleek, with classic NARS attributes, and a touch of neutrality revealed between both models.

With our political views severely more feminist than ever before, Refinery 29, an online network uncovering modern women and culture, collaborated with NARS for this new venture. We’re seeing more labels and names jump on the equality bandwagon, and in a very artistic way! The exhibition is entirely the manifestation of women’s freedom and liberality. It’s a stimulating event, presenting artwork and performances, to explore women in art. The show will be at London’s Protein Studios on Friday, September 8th and Saturday, September 9th, from 11am-7pm, completely free.

The show is headlined as “The Power of Mouth,” a somewhat suggestive name, but sure to get your creative mind in motion! You’ll get to explore women through the eyes of 5 female artists, utilizing various art mediums like installations, and digital artwork. What’s especially intriguing is that we can submit feedback at the display, leaving inspirational comments, sealed with a kiss from the lip palette provided! Super interactive! NARS initiating the concept of a hands-on, experience platform, is somewhat a newer trend we’re seeing in the world of beauty. We hope it catches on to other established beauty and fashion brands, completely changing user interaction and marketing.


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